Reflection on Two Essays

Date: 12/6/2015

Internet Research Essay:

There are two factors I’ve noticed in researching this topic that both complicate and narrow what I’m looking for:

  1. Internet Behavior does not always = Actual emotional internal state, which can be difficult to measure in a study.
  2. The difference between someone’s behavior displaying in how they use the internet versus the effect the internet is having on them… what I’m looking for isn’t entirely one or the other, but rather a split perspective on both.

While I have found some research relevant to what I’m looking for, these two factors are challenging me to plan ahead with what I’m arguing specifically in this essay. For example, a study may explore the emotional state of someone googling depression symptoms and advice, but it might be difficult to compare their internet behavior with their emotional state if there isn’t a lot of information on the latter.

It’s likely that the final essay will stay on this topic, but that the specific argument details will change multiple times before it’s over.

Graphic Design Essay:

I am currently not having any trouble with this essay. The only question I would have before I continue, is how I should balance the research with the more personal reflection on my experience at Sircle Media. While the format for that might not be very strict, I’d like to decide on the way I write that part of the paper so that it doesn’t feel like a distraction.


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