Reflection #22

Date: 11/22/2015

Current project: Political research

I just finished the last research project and I feel pretty satisfied with it turned out. I wish I would have had more time to go more into issues with privacy and the public being aware, but the angle for this project was sufficient enough for what I set out to do.

It feels strange being done with them. These six projects have helped structure my semesters, and it went by so quickly that I feel like I was just creating the civil war project last week. What I think it helped me learn was not just various topics of interest, like the legal or historical that I wanted to learn about anyway in terms of credible information on the internet, but also my own research gathering skills and my ability to focus in on something really specific. I’ve always been pretty indecisive about picking topics for school assignments, and I think this helped remedy that to some extent. Though, it certainly helped that I got to pick six, instead of just one across the entire semester.

For the final paper, I’ll have to reflect on something that I feel will really be on topic with what I’ve done so far. It will likely be something more “psychological”, or based on an individual’s impulses and use of the internet, which could extend across most of the topics I’ve chosen. I’ll have to let this project settle in being done before I’m able to tell for certain.


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